Tales of the Dragonfly

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Authors Finding Readers – Viewed as Single Page

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Lloyd Lofthouse

Over the decades, I’ve met many writers that planned to write a book, publish it and reap fame and fortune. At least that appears to be what most believe.

In reality, this belief is the same as tying fifty-pounds of iron to an infant then throwing the three-month-old child in the ocean expecting him to swim ten-miles to shore.

Back in 1968, when I wrote my first book-length manuscript and found an agent to represent it, who found an interested publisher, that’s probably what I thought too—at first.

The wake-up call to reality was traumatic because that deal ended in rejection. The publisher had a budget to publish one new author and someone else earned that slot. If it was any consolation, I was one of the finalists and reached second place, but only first place signed the publishing contract, which explains why this series of post is specifically written…

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17 Ways to Mess Up Your Murder Mystery

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Ramona DeFelice Long

RamonaGravitarBeing an editor is a non-stop education. With every manuscript I read, I learn as much as I correct, suggest, or guide. After years of reading mysteries—from idea to first draft to revision to published book—I’ve learned to recognize flaws that can weaken an otherwise strong or promising draft.

A murder is an unnatural event. It throws chaos into a community. The point of solving a fictional murder is the same as a real one: to find justice for the victim, and return safety and order to the story world. If you treat your characters as you would real people in a real world murder situation, you may avoid some of these habitual boo-boos:

1. Forcing the mystery. This means a writer tries too hard, too soon to cry murder. Not every death is a homicide, so a conversation such as this…Joe Character: “Did you hear what happened?…

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How I sold almost 2,000 books in twenty hours

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Lloyd Lofthouse

If you are a serious author—indie or traditional—then you’re in business and should have an internet platform. The simplest platform might just be a blog, or it could be more complex with a combination of a website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter account, and an Amazon author page, etc.

Once an author has an internet platform, there’s one more step to seriously consider—to advertise. Although I have been a guest on thirty-one, traditional radio talk shows, advertised in a regional magazine, held several author events in brick and mortar bookstores, earned awards from literary contests and been on several book blog tours, the only two marketing methods that resulted in immediate, measurable sales was through blogging on iLookChina and buying e-mail blasts from BookBub and/or Ereader News Today.

So far, in one year, I’ve paid for two BookBub e-mail blasts, and three with Ereader News Today, and they have all…

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Tales of the Dragonfly

Tales of the Dragonfly


tales of the dragonfly  Book II picture

Dragonfly Order: Odonata

Indian legend claims the dragonfly is a symbol of renewal after a time of great hardship.

The dragonfly is symbolic of a new beginning in life and love for the complex heroes and heroines featured in my romantic suspense series.

The inn at Dragonfly Pointe is the backdrop for much of the series’ romance. Dragonfly Pointe is sacred, according to Indian legend, and has mystical powers for healing both body and soul.

At The Romance Reviews:

The entire month of June, TRR will host a sizzling summer party featuring games, prizes, and giveaways. Be sure to visit http://www.theromancereviews.com every day in June for your chance to win featured books (including my own!!) or even a $100 cash prize.  Over 250 authors are participating.

Tales of the Dragonfly

Will be featured on Monday, June 23

I’ll be giving away both of my books:

Tales of the…

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