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‘Roald Dahl’s poem on ‘Television’ and on encouraging children to read’ (Classics for Children)

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Encouraging Children To READ!


Roald Dahl‘s poem on ‘Television’ and on encouraging children to read’ (Classics for Children) by Fiza Pathan


We normally find a lot of short stories as well as certain non-fiction articles dealing with the plus points of reading good literature……..but, do any poems encourage us to read good literature ??????…….One does. This poem which encourages a student to read more is Roald Dahl’s ‘Television’ which is a masterpiece.

The poem ‘Television’ by famous children fiction author Roald Dahl goes on to explain that the television is a hypnotizer which dulls the imagination of children by all the filth it telecasts. According to Dahl, children who watch the television just constantly stare at the screen bedazzled by the shows which completely control their minds, so much so that they find it impossible to do or think of anything else.

I share Roald Dahl’s judgement about the television set…

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