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“Love Is In Da Blog” February Ping Back Post & Rules (week 1)


The Bee Writes...

Today is the day!

“Love Is In Da Blog” has started and here is the post to let you know what it is all about and how to take part.

How “Love Is In Da Blog” started

The idea created itself in a little comment conversation with Linda G. Hill last week when I realised that I was quite sad that her “Just Jot It January” will finish soon. She would do another one if she had time Linda said so I answered in jest I could do one myself.

When Linda answered that that is a great idea and a great experience, my inner artist child got mightily excited and shoved idea over idea in my creative face. I am a parent who spoils her inner artist child and for this reason I went for it.

So what is “Love Is In Da Blog” all about?


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“The Differences between Amazon and Smashwords” – Roger Gerald Scott

Interesting To Know . . .

indexSince I started text formatting services a few years ago, the question I get asked most is what is the difference between Smashwords and Amazon and do I really need to publish on both? Estimates vary from person to person but generally it’s safe to assume that, at the present time in the USA, Apple’s eBook market share is approximately 15%, Amazon’s is 50% and Barnes & Noble is 20% .

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