Tales of the Dragonfly

Award Winning Romance Suspense, Wounded Warrior Romance and New Adult Romance






7pm CT-????? 

I finally decided that this would be easiest. And I won’t be taking off two nights in a row, so that people won’t lose interest. I’d intended to continue, nightly, and automatically quit around 4 a.m., but this didn’t quite work out. Every time I even considered skipping one of you, sure enough, you’d pop up and make me feel guilty :O)

(I knew I probably couldn’t go on too much longer like this when some of your icons appeared to be talking to me – yes, funny, and quite disconcerting too) 

So – am hoping that this new schedule will stop me from spending over 75 hours per week on twitter (yes-really!), and also allow me to get back to my life and writing too. I’ll have to deal with each new problem as we go along. 

And, no, I’m not a quitter. I started this, so I’ll continue to try to figure out ways to move forward!

 We’ve been even busier with this new schedule – am having trouble keeping track of all the new authors who are retweeting. Hopefully, you’re all taking advantage of this and acquiring new followers. 

I’m acquiring so many QUALITY followers, even if some of you aren’t getting retweeted as much as I’d like to see you get retweeted, at least your books are being displayed to the perfect target audience!


I still hope to tweet organizations earlier in the day.

(Between 5-7 pm)

I’m going to try to begin adding in a few more authors on my list for you, and I’ll add them in a larger font.

And am still investigating automated tweets, even though I’m not sure they would work, cause they might not be able to be formatted.

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